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01. Feedback and Statistics

Interacting with and obtaining feedback from the consumer group is of utmost importance in all marketing strategies. We highly value the data and opinions reflected in this section, which showcases the feedback and reviews of nearly 1000 consumers who have purchased Tendar Recovering Oil.

Data Base: 626 users feedback from all walks of life.

Active Individuals (38.50%): 241

Health and Wellness (16.90%): 157

Specific Fitness Focus (25.08%): 112

Occupation-based (18.53%): 116

Through this section, consumers can learn about the experiences and effects of those who have used Tendar oil before. We use statistical data to show the relationship between different user groups’ symptoms and their active content, and briefly infer which component in Tendar Recovering Oil plays a role in alleviating users’ physical discomfort.

02. Tendar Encyclopaedia

Furthermore, on the Tendar Recovering Oil website, we focus on introducing the 12 ingredients found in the product. As the product itself is an essential oil composed of a fusion of 12 other essential oils, we provide detailed analysis of the sources and essence of each ingredient.

We delve into how the ingredients blend together and how the natural elements in each component target different symptoms for relief. Through this category, we aim to demonstrate the scientific and rational aspects of Tendar Recovering Oil to consumers.

03. Influencers@Tendar

In addition, we also focus on 21 well-known local influencers who have shared their experiences with the Tendar brand. We gather their reviews and testimonials on social media regarding their use of Tendar Recovering Oil and share them on our website. Through collaboration with influencers, we aim to showcase different third-party evaluations from a brand perspective, further enhancing the credibility and attractiveness of the brand to consumers.

We believe that through these marketing strategies and the various categories on the website, the Tendar Recovering Oil brand will gain the trust and love of consumers. We are committed to conveying the brand’s unique value and selling points, providing personalized experiences to consumers, and establishing a close connection with them. We believe that with meticulous market promotion and brand building, Tendar Recovering Oil will stand out in the market competition and achieve lasting success.

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